A selection of recent work and projects.


Mentoring 1-on-1 with development student

Javascript, Node.JS, React, Redux



A hardware food startup focused on building a better kitchen.

Mobile app development, Node.js, Firebase, React, React Native

Leading development of a mobile prototype application that leverages deep learning and computer vision to reduce waste and monitor the kitchen. Building a React Native application and using Node.js & Express to serve as an interface between a TensorFlow and Firebase, the iOS client backend

Kangaroo Time

Child care startup delivering software solutions for child care centers

React, Ruby On Rails, Tachyons CSS, Javascript

Worked with the team at Goji Labs to deliver a real time React front-end tablet application for managing children and teachers at child care centers across the country. React application interfaced with a Lua, Redis, and Rails back-end to communicate with the current version of the application.


An industry leader in self driving software and hardware solutions.

Wordpress, i18n with Polylang, Custom theme development

Customized theme to fit preferences of the client. Added custom post types and i18n support with Polylang. Configured site to toggle between US & China versions of each page depending on user location or preference.


The brand standard of the jiu jitsu community.

Shopify, Javascript, Ordoro, React Native, Firebase

Developed and currently maintain a Shopify store for leading martial arts brand, Shoyoroll. Configured and integrated with Shopify apps for shipping, inventory, and customer service. Currently developing a React Native application for a new internal project.

Mountain Bus Werks

Custom Squarespace theme development for a quaint van shop in Colorado

Squarespace, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Developed a custom theme based on a custom design for a small auto shop in the the hills of Colorado. Leveraged a lot of custom CSS and jQuery to keep a traditional Squarespace theme with custom elements and an entirely unique look.

Made By DWC

Shopify store developed for the DWC in Los Angeles, CA. Worked with the team at Goji Labs.


Once again worked with the team at Goji Labs to deliver a project for the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. Created a custom theme based off the Timber framework from Shopify.


A reporting app for delivering sales data to musicians and their team

Shopify, Ruby on Rails, Shopify API

Developed a Ruby on Rails application interfacing with the Shopify API to allow the company to expose critical sales data to their accounts outside of the Shopify platform. This allowed them to deliver only specific data and allowed for customizing with charts and exporting.


A leader and brand standard of the jiu jitsu community.

Javascript, Ruby, Sinatra

Developed and maintained corporate website and developed a custom interactive video player and transcription platform for their extensive video library. Leveraged Ruby, Sinatra, & Javascript (jQuery).